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ExpLife logo concept

In Maori art, the koru represents peace, personal growth and positive change. Inspired by the shape of an unfolding fern frond, its circular design tells the story of new beginnings and renewal. The varying shades of the color purple, with its mystic qualities, communicates a sense of calm and spiritual balance.

Koru is the Maori word for loop. As if in perpetual motion, the design's inner coil symbolizes the start of a new life while the outer coil implies continuous and infinite rejuvenation.

This is EXP.Life, where even the end is just the beginning.

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The Power of Gamification

The idea of gamification may seem new, but it's actually a centuries-old concept that is proven to motivate participation, increase user engagement and enhance loyalty. Just about any topic or activity (no matter how dull!) can be transformed into a fun and exciting journey through gamification.

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How We Quantify Learning

EXP.Life brings gaming design to reality by allowing you to record life events and experiences. Using an exciting platform and points-based system, EXP.Life incentivizes your life experiences while also storing them on an incorruptible public ledger - the blockchain.

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Digitizing Our Life Experiences

The digitization of life experiences is very real and happening right now around the world. But is this digital data really yours? Today, you have to rely on one platform or another to help create such a digital identity. What if there was a platform where you could record your life experiences, both old and new, and create a digital profile that would be incorruptible and permanent? This is EXP.Life, the best of social media and blockchain.

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A Blockchain-Based Profile

With its unique global platform, EXP.Life records your life on the blockchain. The premise is fairly simple, yet exciting: a platform for documenting one's life experiences, with integrated gamification to attract and motivate people to participate. This is done by fulfilling exciting "quests" requested by other users and then receiving rewards and points - a reputation system of sorts that stores your identity on the platform.

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